About Team Spanky's
7566 US 31 P.O. Box 443 Alanson 49706

About Team Spanky's
7566 US 31 P.O. Box 443 Alanson 49706

About Team Spanky's
7566 US 31 P.O. Box 443 Alanson 49706

Jerry & Karen Kovacs

In 1993 Jerry Kovacs left the real estate business to follow a passion and hobby he had for over 20 years—snowmobiling! He turned a 200 sq. ft. building into a showroom for snowmobile accessories which had the trail running right by the front door. The business grew quickly when the online store and mail order catalog were added, which soon meant we needed more space. In 2001 Jerry built a new 8,000 sq. ft. building on the major highway in Alanson . . . with again the snowmobile trail running right by the front door! We also added parts and accessories for motorcycles, (dirt & street) and ATV.

Jerry enjoys riding a 4-stroke Yamaha snowmobile in winter. One of his many memorable trips was in 1983 when Jerry and his brother-in-law snowmobiled from the Mackinaw Bridge to Montana, a trip of 1,400+ miles.

In the summer he enjoys an 1800 Honda Goldwing. Jerry’s “bucket list” goal is to ride that Wing to all 48 states.

Karen has worked with Jerry in the business from the beginning. Learning from the ground up she does sales, orders, customer service, shipping etc., etc. She also has enjoyed snowmobiling since the 70’s and currently rides a Yamaha 4-stroke, which she really enjoys. She doesn’t drive the Honda Goldwing in the summer, but there aren’t many times you see Jerry riding alone! Her greatest joy . . . just ask her . . . is her family. Three married kids with 10 beautiful grandchildren, what a blessing. She is looking forward to completing Jerry’s “bucket list” on the Goldwing with him.

Meet Our Staff:

Karen Scott

Karen Serves as the Office Manager. She is our Web Master and Serves as a Customer Service Agent/Order taker and Bookkeeper.
Karen rides a Yamaha ATV.

David Martin
Dave has been with us since the beginning! He is our winter Parts Manager and Technical Support.
Dave has years of experience in assisting customers with repair and mechanical questions.

Josh Williamson

Josh serves as Technical support and Customer service. Josh is fondly called " Motor Head".